Our classtrip to London 10C Septemper 2013

On Monday morning at 5.30 am we started at the Realschule Lemgo. We travelled 8 hours before we came to Calais where we went over the channel with the ferry to England. Every two hours we made a stop, so we could go to the toilet.
We went through Netherlands and Belgium before we came to Calais in France. In Calais we waited for the ferry and passed a passport control. With the ferry it took two hours to England.
First we saw the cliffs of Dover. In England we needed three more hours before we came to London because for one hour we were stuck in a traffic jam. At 8 pm we arrived at our hostel “Rest up. After we had got our rooms we went out in the city to the Tower Bridge and had 30 min. free time. In the evening we went back to our hostel. At 11 pm we had to go to bed.

Pia, Daniela, Jasmin, Sarika

We met at the hostel at 9.30. Then we went to the Elephant and Castle underground station.
We had to decide between Madame Tussaud´s and London Dungeon. The Madame Tussaud´s
is a wax figure museum. The London Dungeon tells the scary history of London. .After that we had free time and at 2.30 pm we had a sightseeing tour. It was very interesting and full of information. After the sightseeing we went back to the hostel and slept.
Philipp, Denis, Erik, Dominique
The morning was like the day before, there was breakfast until 9:30am in the morning. Then we all met outside at 10 o’clock. We were divided into groups and had a city rally. At 1 pm we met at the hostel and went together to Westminster pier and had a boat trip to Greenwich. There we had 1 hour free time and walked back through the pedestrian tunnel at 6 o’clock to be on time at 8 pm at the Hard Rock Café. At the Hard Rock Café we met the other class and had dinner. Then we had free time.

Tabitha, Lucy, Nico S., Lennart
After the breakfast at 9:30, we met in the lobby. Then we went by underground to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Mrs. Hille gave us a few questions that we had to answer about the cathedral. A few of us went with up the dome with Mr Schmitz-Hübsch. We had to climb about 500 steps but the view was amazing. After St. Paul’s cathedral a few of us went to the Buckingham Palace and the others had free time. At 2.30 pm we visited the Natural History Museum. There were lots of dinosaur skeletons and they were very big. In the evening we went to the London Eye and had a tour with it. The tour was 30 minutes and we saw the skyline of London. It was dark and all the lights were shining. That was a very nice view. After the London Eye we went back to the hostel.

Katharina, Ariane, Nico, Ebru

On Friday morning we woke up at 7:00 am. We put on our clothes and tidied up our room. After that we ate our breakfast. We could eat toast and cereals. To drink we could choose coffee, apple juice, orange juice and water. Then we packed our suitcases that took a long time. After we had packed everything we went outside and brought them in a hut. The rest of the day we had free time.
At 3:00 pm we entered the bus. It lasted 14 hours from London to Lemgo and when we arrived everybody was tired.

Julia, Sümeyye, Nick
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